Argos Credit Agreement

Can I use a credit card to make a payment? No, we only accept debit cards. Thus, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Maestro are accepted payment methods, but AmEx and MasterCard or Visa Credit are not. I forgot my details. Can I re-register? No – You can only register one Argos Card account on If you`ve forgotten all your login data, call us and we`ll help you download the My Argos Card app and manage your account on your smartphone or tablet. Can`t you raise my minimum? No, we cannot change your minimum payment without changing your contract with us. It is also a choice you need to make to increase your payments and resolve this situation or not. By leaving the contractual minimum payment unchanged, you get the flexibility to pay more if you can. They are not always required to pay a higher amount. Why didn`t I get an explanation this month? If your account has a zero balance for a while, we will no longer send you bank statements. But if you have a balance and you have not received instructions, it may have been delayed in the mail. You should receive your return within 10 days of your statement being made.

If you want to check your emergency statement, you can do so on where we have your latest statements. When can I use my new credit limit? If you change your credit limit successfully, it`s immediately available – we have a few technical bits to do in the background, so it may not be displayed immediately on your account, but it`s available to you. How do I increase my credit limit? Go to “Ask for a new credit limit,” enter your annual income, enter us the total credit limit you want to have – that`s your current limit plus the amount you want (. B for example, if you have a $500 credit limit but want to increase it by $200, then enter $700 as your new limit), then share us with us, why you want the new limit and if you want to be considered in the future for automatic increases in credit limits, then press the credit exchange limit. We will make an immediate decision and, if your application is accepted, your new limit will be immediately available (even if it is not immediately displayed on Please note – the account will not be closed until the balance has been completely deleted. It can take up to a month for your account to close, and it can take up to an additional month for your credit file to be updated. If I signed up for the My Argos Card app, am I registered for No – for security reasons, we ask you to register separately for both. Will the request for a stop payment or “Buy Now,” “Pay Later” have an impact on my credit file? No, your credit file is not affected during this period. If you do not maintain regular payments at the end of this period, this may be affected.

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