Autonation Service Agreement

In addition to automotive service contracts, drivers can receive AutoNation Vehicle Care Protection (also known as prepaid maintenance) as well as the following products: If you do not perform maintenance services in accordance with the instructions, you may be denied coverage. It is always a good idea to read the service contract carefully and become familiar with all exclusions and restrictions, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later. “During my visit this week, AutoNations offered me nothing but excellence and amazing customer service. My car was quickly maintained and very cheap. – Rosario R., BBB You can transfer the autoNation plan to another owner if you sell your car. This only requires a $50 fee. You can also terminate the contract for a full refund. An AutoNation agreement we have read states that you can terminate within 60 days, but since there are several administrators, we imagine that others would use a 30-day retraction period. After that, you can always get a refund. If the contract is terminated after 60 days or if you receive benefits, the refund is prorated and, in most countries, an administrative fee of $25 to $50 or 7.5 to 10% of the refund is charged. If there is a pawn taker or renter for the vehicle, the refund is usually paid to them. About the guarantee group Celebrates 50 years of industry leader and is one of the world`s leading warranty solutions and benefits associated with branches in more than 35 countries and 1,800 employees.

With Virginia Surety Company and London General Insurance as 100% insurance companies, The Warranty Group is a one-source solution that provides some of the world`s leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers with consumer products such as automotive, home, entertainment, electronics and furnishings, as well as specialized insurance products and services to financial institutions. For more information, see Like most expanded warranty companies, AutoNation does not cover routine maintenance services, vehicle modifications, non-standard use, breakdowns caused by negligence or abuse, existing conditions or damage caused by collisions in its vehicle protection plans. AutoNation does not receive great comments online. Customer reviews with the BBB rate it just above a star, and Trustpilot reviews give the company two stars. Below, you`ll find some examples of AutoNation`s Florida headquarters, but remember that most of the comments about the car buying process or service are, not about AutoNation`s advanced warranty program. Here, we will look at the vehicle protection plans of AutoNation, America`s largest dealer chain, and how they compare with other suppliers such as Endurance in terms of coverage, customer service and additional benefits.

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