Rtd Workforce Agreement

7.2. At present, two Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Paragon have been agreed for implementation in the coming months, and details of the availability are set out in Annex 3 to this agreement. The Paragon application and input parameters for operating data (press-time). Running speeds, meal breaks, etc.) submitted to the Paragon software comply with this agreement. 9.6. Candidates must also sign a training agreement which has been agreed (see Annex 4): the Agency has asked drivers to work more overtime in order to meet the demand for service due to the contraction of their workforce. This led to “limited time with their families and limited free time,” McKillop said, and that`s a main reason why drivers wouldn`t stay. In order to provide more flexibility and achieve the common objectives of this Agreement, the revised customs regime will be based on the following principles: 6.7 London Weighting and RRIS are not affected by this Agreement. 12.6. The productivity savings achieved through the implementation of this agreement are not reflected in the current national efficiency system included in the 2006 agreement to shape our future. Under the HAD, non-mobile and mobile workers who are not subject to EU rules on drivers` working time can refuse the average limit of 48 hours. Under RTD, there is no provision for mobile workers to refuse the average limit of 48 hours or the limit of 60 hours.

However, subject to agreement with the staff, the reference period may be extended to a maximum of 26 weeks. Under RTD, statutory annual leave, sick leave and maternity/paternity leave cannot be used to reduce average working time in a given reference period. Night work is governed by specific rules which, for RTD purposes, include the period between midnight and 4 a.m. for truck drivers. The most important is that, in the case of night work, the daily working time must not exceed 10 hours, although the night work limit may be exceeded if there is an agreement to that effect. Royal Mail has no choice but to implement this legislation, but Royal Mail and the CWU believe that we should take this opportunity to develop a highly professional distribution network focused on customer service, performance and quality and offering job security. Both sides also recognise the introduction of improved conditions in a new package of professional drivers and commit to introducing them in order to allow for the hiring of currently affected drivers and future recruitment. The agreement below describes the revised working agreements and working conditions in order to establish a flexible and efficient distribution activity that meets the needs of customers every first time.

7.1 Public holidays shall become normal working days for the purposes of this Agreement. Where a driver is to be present on a public holiday, a day shall be added to that worker`s annual leave, taken in accordance with the applicable rules, provided that the requirements of the undertaking so permit. “We hope that RTD`s new GM, Debra Johnson, will take a close look at the figures that will be communicated to the RTD Board by its austerity task force for publication and will not allow RTD`s mission – and its staff – to be damaged by hasty measures,” the ATU press release said.

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