Sap Display Purchase Agreement

ME98 Archives Purchase Documents MEAN Delivery Addresses MB90 – Exit Processing for Mat. Mb22 Documents – Change Reservation . MI09 – Enter the number of stocks w/o Doc MI10 – List the differences w/o Doc. MI34 – Entry batch: Enter the mi35 count – Entry batch: Post Zero Stock Bal MI33 – Entry batch: Freeze Book Inv. Bal MICN – B.I/p PI Docs for Cycle Counting Purchase Orders by Material Group ME2J Purchase Orders for Project ME3B OA per Requirement No. ME3C OAgreements by Materials Group ME91A Urge Submission of ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment Offers. ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) ME2S Services by order ME91E SA Dates: Urging/Remind. Me9e-News: De. .

ME92F Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME92K Monitor Order Acknowledgment . ME61 Maintain Vendor Evaluation ME62 Display Vendor Evaluation ME1E Quotation History of ME1L Info Records Per Vendor ME11 – Create Purchasing Info Record ME01 – Maintain Source List MB1C – Other Goods Receipts MB21 – Create Reservation MEKP Price Change: Info MeKPE Currency Change Data Games: ME34K Contract Supplement ME35 Contract ME51 Order Request me51N – Order Request ME6B Display Vendor Evaluation for Mat ME6C Vendors without evaluation ME4S RFQs by Collective Number ME80A Purchasing Reporting: RFQs ME3P Recalculate Contract Price ME9K Message Output: Contracts MI21 – Print inventory document MI04 – Enter Inventory Count with Doc . MBRL – Back by carpet. Document MB23 – Display Booking ME55 Collective sharing of the Req purchase. ME54N Release Purchase Requisition MEKJ Billing Conditions Part MEKK Terms for supplier subdividing ME6D Vendors has not been evaluated since. ME6E Evaluation Records w/weighting CT03 – Display Characteristic ME49 Price Comparison List MEKX Transport Types Purch MEKY Trans Calc. Schema: Mkt Pr. (Purc) ME1A – Archived Purchasing Info Records ME1B- Re determine Info Record Price ME3N Outline Agreements by Agmt No. ME80R Purchase reports: O.Agmts. . ME35 Release Outline Agreement ME3A Transmit.

Release Doc Record . ME41 Request for Offer ME42 Request for Change for MEK32 Condition Maintenance: Change MEK33 Condition Maintenance: Change . . ME6H Standard Analysis: Ven Evaluation ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables ME91F Purch Orders: Urging/Reminders ME87 Aggregates PO History ME80FN General Analyses (F) ME80RN General Analyses (L, K) . MIBC – ABC Analysis for MI01 Cycle Counting – Create an Inventory Document . MEK1 Terms (Purchase) MEK2 Terms of Amendment (Purchase) MEKD Conditions for Materials Group Conditions OF MA FOR CREDIT ME308 Contracts with Conditions ME31K Create Contract ME56 Create Source to Purchase Req. ME59N Automatic Generation of POs ME15 – Flag Purchase Info Rec. for Deletion ME06 – Analyze Source List . MM50 – MM60 Expandable Materials List – ME81 Materials Analysis me81N Value Analysis of ME2K Purchasing Order Values. Assgmt ME2L Orders by Lender All transactional Tcodes are stored in the TSTC table. Transaction Tcodes for the MM module begins with M. ME1W Info Records Pro Material Group ME1X Buyer`s Negotiation Sheet for Ven ME22 Change Purchase Order ME22N Change Purchase Order ME54 – Release Purchase Requisition ME52NB Buyer: Purch Approval.

Req. ME92L Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME99 ME5K Order News – Asgmt MELB Account Requirements – PurchTransactions by TrackNo. . ME31 Outline Agreement ME32 Modification MEK3 Terms of Display (Purchases) MEK31 Condition Maintenance: Change ME43 Display Request for Quotation ME44 Maintain RFQ Supplement . . . . ME3L Supplier Encoding Contracts ME3M Mb1B Material Comburing Contracts – Reservation Change ME2V ME5A – PR Goods Receipt Forecast: ME5J Display List – Purch Requirements for the MEKZ Transport Calc project.

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