Ten prescription drugs from online pharmacy for a good mistress

Many of us have ever wondered if we are really good in bed. Famous sexologist from our pharmacy website claims that the prescription drugs, the size of a man’s penis and the size of a woman’s breasts, as well as the ability to have eight orgasms a day – this is not all you need for good sexual life.

The right to be called a good lover or mistress most often belongs to people, which you can pass on the street without looking back. Mover has compiled a list of the ten main qualities of a good mistress.

  • A good mistress has good baggage of theoretical knowledge about sex. And well imagines what happens to the bodies of two people who love each other when they are quickly approaching orgasm.
  • A good mistress does not forget that the theory without practice is worthless. Only practice allows you to hone sexual skills and bring them to perfection. A good mistress loves novelty. And she can always say to his partner: “You know, I saw such a cool scene in a movie… Let’s try it.”
  • A good mistress never gets sad or bored in bed. Sex for such a woman is a fun adventure. Having sex, she has fun from the heart, releasing her imagination to freedom.
  • A good mistress does not wait for an invitation to sex. She is always ready to become the initiator of a funny sexual adventure.
  • A good mistress knows that without good sexual health, good sex is impossible. Therefore, Kegel’s exercises are as familiar to her as brushing her teeth.
  • A good mistress knows how to reduce to a joke any difficulties that have arisen in bed. The ability not to steam up, if something went wrong, a good mistress just needs.
  • A good mistress knows how to tell sex from time to time. If a woman is trouble-free, the man loses the shape of the hunter. Even if you’ve been married for eight and a half years, keep your husband in suspense. He should know that you can initiate sex in the most unexpected place.
  • A good mistress knows her body well and generously shares her knowledge with his lover. If a woman knows well how to stimulate her own clitoris, but stubbornly keeps it a secret, it is stupid.

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