Warframe End User License Agreement Violation

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any points about the EULA violation ban (until January 1, 2035). If you had a program, a well-known hacking tool, that was executed, it is a prohibition whether it was used against the Warframe game itself or not. Close, they cheat first. Maybe also editing tools. better to be sure than tolerance. Contact support to consider a coup. I looked at the end user license agreement and couldn`t find anything about a 15-year ban just because you said a nasty thing in one of the chats. Correct me if any of you find it. It wasn`t even an insult, I made a joke. I recently created a thread in this wiki about this situation, but it was deleted because I can`t find it anymore.

So either a mod or mods from this wiki site are huge shillings for DE or they`re snowflakes that didn`t like the chosen words I typed. Just today, the category of my support ticket has been changed from account force is locked/locked to locked or restricted chat, but I am still locked until January 01, 2035. If I have only been excluded or restricted from the chat; Shouldn`t I always be able to log in and play the game? Hmm, interesting. I`ve been playing other games for a while and decided to go back to Warframe for a bit. When I log in to my account, I received a message that I had been suspended for violating the EULA. I played the game for a 1377h recorded on Steam (probably much more in the game) and had no problems. Suddenly, I am bewitched today. I mostly wondered if anyone knew the main reason they were suspending you for euLA violation, as I never shared my account, never hacked or cheated, never did anything to shake up the anti-cheat mechanisms on my computer. hey buddy, I`m in the same boat as you right now T_T I`ve been playing Warframe for 3 years and all of a sudden it happens updates on your account? It is best to simply wait for the explanation of support. There are a few possible reasons for this, and speculating about it is quite useless and will do more harm than good. .

It`s been 6 days since I submitted my support ticket and I still haven`t received a response. . Short time? If you are inactive for so long, your account will be suspended. You can send a ticket and they will open it. But otherwise I don`t know, good luck. Arbitrary bans like these are unfortunately not new. . I was just banned yesterday for arguing with an ugly kid who doesn`t have tennogen skin, I roasted it for fun, everyone loved it, Asia server, submitted a ticket 9 hours ago. My account has 16 Tennogen skins, 16 God Rivs and 2 God Rivs from Probocis and Bubonico.

Someone had better give me my account, and Lemma Grind as the good old days, 5 years in a row of Warframe. Without the existence of a scam device, this can be confirmed. In addition to Steam and chat tools, a game company as a game company can check if the game data is abnormal instead of being grossly banned. Can only submit the application to examine the situation. Cheatengine may run in the background if you have started Warframe or another blacklisted program. .

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