ACPEN Industry Institute

The ACPEN Industry Institute offers CPE programs in the areas of technology training, management, finance, leadership, ethics, business fraud, accounting and auditing, and many more.

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ACPEN Tax Institute

A specialized line of programming that provides the most up-to-date information relating to tax code and practice. This unique line of CPE training is designed to serve tax professionals, brokers, attorneys and enrolled agents.

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Additional Materials

Material files that arrive late for ACPEN courses can be found on this page.

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The Accounting CPE Network

ACPEN is the largest provider of streaming video webinars for continuing education for CPAs in the U.S. Because of the wide variety of continuing education courses and CPE conferences we offer, ACPEN programs not only provide CPE for accountants, but also top notch continuing education for non-accounting finance professionals and CPE for enrolled agents. All of our CPE programs employ the highest quality video production and webcast technology.


Creating Better Budgets

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How can you take the historical knowledge you have about your company, its performance, your competitors, your industry and the economy to help your company plan for the future? In this session, John F. Levy will examine current budgeting and forecasting best practices as well as the critical roles of strategic planning and risk management in developing best projections.

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Business Consulting for CPAs

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Welcome to a course that will lead you through the maze of creating a successful Consulting Business Practice for your CPA firm. The course will help you understand: where consulting business opportunities exist, what are the firm’s professional responsibilities and most importantly how to recognize the needs of the client.

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ACPEN Financial Planning Institute

These financial planning courses address the needs of CPAs and firms that focus on personal finance and encompass topics ranging from Medicare benefits, to wealth preservation.

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