“One of the most valuable aspects of the ACPEN courses is that they are led by instructors who are also practitioners. Having a sound understanding of tax law and accounting standards is important, but being able to help us apply the law and standards in a practical way is critical. The staff at ACPEN is very helpful and accommodating in granting CPE certification in these situations. ACPEN is the first place I look whenever I look for in-house, DVD or online CPE. I would recommend ACPEN without hesitation.”

-A CPA in South Carolina


“I had never taken a class over the education network before—I was really surprised and pleased as to the quality and interest of these CPE programs—they are very well done.”

-A CPA in Iowa


“I loved this CPE program.  Great instructor!  It was necessary subject matter, which can be tedious, but I love the passion in the delivery.  Makes it interesting to sit through and learn from an online CPE course.”

-A CPA from Michigan


“The diversification of the discussion leaders (their background, knowledge and opinions) make for very good CPE seminars.”

-A CPA in Grand Rapids, MI


“Overall, this was a wonderful online CPE training experience.  I really liked the quadrant screen split with the moderator/instructor, the presentation slides, the information and certification box, and the personal notes box!  It was easy to navigate and very user friendly.”

-A CPA from Oklahoma


“Thank you for offering this class. The online CPE training option made it easy to attend (as a full time working professional) and was very reasonably priced.  I highly recommend ACPEN online CPE!”

-A CPA from Pennsylvania